Business Branding Strategies Everyone Should Know

Branding Basics

Photo Credits: www.cio.com

Having a brand is essential to the success of a business. Branding is, simply put, your reputation or the impression you make. The way you handle a customer inquiry, the way your logo looks, and the way your customers see you – all of these say something about your brand. It’s “a promise delivered” according to brand guru Robert Bean of Northstar Partners.

So what makes a successful brand?


The most successful brands understand their target market demographics, their interests, attitudes, and preferred communication channels. Knowing these is crucial since it points you in the right direction and provides you an idea of what tone or style to employ in your marketing campaigns. You will be able to touch your audience only if you know them well.

Unique and Meaningful

Your brand should embody your company’s mission, vision, and values. Develop one-of-a-kind, catchy, and distinct company logo, trade name, and slogan. They should reflect your brand’s key attributes and highlight your unique value proposition. Apple‘s focus is its products and design — simple, sleek, innovative and quixotic at the same time. This approach makes it a standout in a sea of overdecorated merchandise to the point of being catastrophically disruptive to competitors.

Memorable and Relatable

Connect to customers on a deeper emotional level. Volvo did just that with their epic split campaign featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The company believes that most drivers rely on emotion over intellect in their vehicle decision-making process, so they invested in that sentiment. The goal of the campaign is to amaze these drivers by the truck’s stability and precision, which has been Volvo’s promise from day 1.

Humanize your brand by reaching out and touching people’s lives. Tell an inspiring story or talk about how your brand helps people overcome the odds. You’ll be surprised by how much support your target market is willing to give, knowing that you care about them.


There’s a reason people come back to an establishment for a repeat business. It’s because they are happy with the product or service and they expect the same level of passion and commitment as they did the first time. If consumers get the impression that they cannot rely on you to deliver the same quality each and every time, they might bring their business somewhere else.

Your company’s future depends on your next step. You can either let whatever impression you make to customers develop haphazardly, or you can take calculated and strategic measures to elevate your brand’s status. Developing a memorable brand requires a lot of brainstorming and a cohesive brand strategy. Understand your company’s goals and align them with your market’s needs to create a strong overall brand equity that stands the test of time.

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