Should You Still Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Using direct mail marketing

Photo Credits: https://redpaperplane.com

Technology has undoubtedly changed the marketing realm. Email, in particular, is considered one of the best modes of communication, producing a 60% Return on Investment for marketers. Since this method seems to be working well enough for most, does this mean that marketers should already forget about running good old direct mail campaigns?

If you’re a legitimate marketer, you won’t be dissing tried-and-tested methods just because you heard someone say “Boo,” right? You’ll need a pretty substantial reason not to tread that direction, especially when you know that direct mail has been effective in terms of demand generation and lead nurturing.

People think that direct mails cost a lot to run, but looking closely at the DMA’s 2012 cost-per-lead comparison will tell you that that’s not the case. This year, results are even better, affirming direct mail’s dominance with cost per lead at $19. Direct mails outperformed digital channels such as Paid Search ($21-$30) and Internet Display ($41-$50).

Although emails are still more economical to run at a cost per lead of $11-$15, they also have the lowest response rate at 0.1%. Direct mails generate a response rate that’s up to 30 to 40 times higher than that of email. Digital marketing might be the big player, but it does not have direct mail completely beat. In fact, direct mails are as powerful as they have ever been amidst digital means.

So should you choose direct mails instead? Why choose when you can have both?

Consistency is Key

Have a consistent branding spread on both media. Have an identifiable and uniform tagline, icon, slogan, color scheme and call to action that pops to create recall. It will be easier to make follow-ups since your audience will recognize your brand right away.

Size and Appearance Do Matter

Direct mails also have the potential to be more impressive than simple emails. People become excited when they see a package that’s out of the ordinary in the mail. Instead of regular white envelopes, use shiny ones that are of non-standard sizing to make your mails stand out.

Create Intrigue and Personalize

According to the DMA, 3-D mails outperform standard formats by around 250% so invest in “lumpy” or 3-D mail packages. Include coupons or freebies such as coasters, pens or gift certificates in your mail. Use handwriting fonts to make mails look personal or choose physical stamps over regular ones. Not only will your mail pique the recipients’ curiosity, but it will also make them feel special.

The key to any campaign is having that right balance of creative and reliable data. Campaigns that make that emotional connection with prospects yield the best results so bank on that knowledge and not on hype. Integrating email with direct mail marketing creates a seamless marketing effort that transcends from a prospect’s inbox to their front door.

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