All strategic marketing plans are not created equal. We develop a strategic marketing plan that is a great first step in generating more qualified leads, elevating your brand image and reputation and ultimately helping you close more sales. On target, smart marketing is an investment that provides a positive ROI for your business. Our strategic marketing plan includes the following elements and action steps:

  • Conduct An Internal Audit
  • Create A Company SWOT
  • Research Your Marketplace
  • Define Customer Profiles
  • Complete A Competitive Analysis
  • Write Your Mission Statement
  • Develop Marketing Objectives
  • Identify Clear Strategies
  • Select Marketing Tactics
  • Set Sales And Marketing Forecasts
  • Determine Associated ROI Metrics
  • Plan An Action Step Calendar Of Events
  • Develop A Tactical Budget

Ultimately, our strategic marketing plan helps you:

  • Save Money. Returns a better ROI than gut instinct marketing.
  • Financially Plan. Finance isn’t allowed to operate without a budget and balance sheet. Marketing needs a budget and ROI goals, too.
  • Target Better. Defines your audience and communicates with them when/where/how they want to be communicated with.
  • Achieve More. Planning with coordinated action steps will always outperform one-off sporadic tactics.
  • Align With Sales. Identifies how marketing will help generate the properly qualified leads so that sales can sell.
  • Build Brand Consistency. Gives you a roadmap on how to build awareness with a coordinated effort.

A strategic marketing plan is central to your business plan. Get started with our help today.