sales optimization

Sales Optimization

After you’ve mastered revenue control, you can begin optimizing sales. This process begins with thorough documentation and analysis of current sales. Is your sales team using a repeatable and measurable process for selling? Which products or services are more profitable and scalable? 


product service re-alignment

Product / Service Re-Alignment


Our preliminary analysis of overall sales will bring several things to light. Firstly, we’ll have a much more refined picture on which customers as well as which products or services are more popular.

We’re amazed at how often the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) applies once we’ve completed the analysis. Focusing on more profitable products and services as well as honing the sales message to our high-performing customers allows for faster scaling, while eliminating or reducing efforts where there is less overall impact on revenue.   

Sales Actualization


By evaluating and reprioritizing top-performing products / services and customers, we’ve already built a much more efficient model for your business. This plan will typically include a transitional time period (ex: 6-12 months) whereby we slowly eliminate low-margin deals that are costing you money or plateauing your business.

Now we can move further up the funnel to improving retention and nurturing of high-value customers. 

sales actualization