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Lead Generation & Nurturing

So far we’ve covered how to control revenue and sales processes to create a scalable growth model for your business. With the bottom of the funnel optimized, it’s time to start maximizing your current lead flows to improve the number of sales qualified leads coming in from your marketing initiatives. Lead generation and lead nurturing includes two stages of analysis and optimization. 


Website Analysis


There are several ways for us to analyze your website. From a quantitative perspective, we’ll be using tools like Google Analytics and heat-mapping (ex: CrazyEgg) coupled with setting up better goal tracking for contact form completions, phone calls, email submissions, and eCommerce (where applicable). Tracking how people find you, what pages they visit, and how they navigate only tells us about the community at large. Installing goal tracking and assessing how the leads interact with your sales team will give us a much clearer picture of where to optimize first. 

website analysis
user experience design

User Experience Design


Website analytics with goal tracking will provide a detailed account of how marketing leads are getting into the top of the sales funnel. At this stage, we have a couple options. If we see little to no lead generation or that users are struggling to navigate the website, we may recommend proceeding with a full redesign that is crafted around your ideal buyer. However, if some leads are coming in and we identify specific areas that can be improved, we will begin the process of tweaking pages, sections, or testing changes to specific elements such as call to action buttons (seen at right) until we start seeing statistically significant improvements. 

Website Design / Redesign


Some of our clients undergoing digital transformation either have an underperforming legacy website that was built years ago or have no website to speak of. Based on our preliminary analysis and optimization it may be more efficient and impactful for Fungi to design / build out a new website that is more representative of the company’s current or desired state. Redesigning a website goes above and beyond a fresh coat of paint. Our team will work with you to completely re-architect the user flow and help qualified buyers gain access to helpful marketing collateral and get in touch with sales effortlessly. 

website redesign



Remarketing is the process by which leads to the website, or leads whose emails you’ve received, are shown advertisements on other websites while they’re browsing the web. This is typically done via social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram as well as larger ad platforms like the Google Display network, which includes sites like YouTube and the New York Times. You have probably been subject to these ads yourself. The goal of remarketing is to produce highly engaging animated ads that keep your solutions in front of potential buyers long after they abandon your website or email list. As annoying as some of these ads can be, Fungi’s remarketing clients typically see a 10% improvement in lead conversions as a result. 

Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is similar to CRM automation, in that we’re developing supplemental touch points to help warm leads up for sales. During the marketing automation stage, our goal is to both nurture, as well as qualify potential customers. We do this by triggering different communications (typically emails) based on contact form submissions, opt-ins for newsletters or promotions, or even pages they visit on the website. Depending on your organization’s sales process, we may set up lead scoring as well, which will allow us to pre-qualify leads and then notify a rep when the prospect becomes qualified. This helps cut down on your sales team’s time spent following up with less qualified targets. 

marketing automation
inbound marketing analysis

Inbound Marketing Analysis


Now that we’ve tackled user experience and lead flow, we will zero in on how people are currently finding you on the web. For this stage we’ll rely heavily on Google Analytics to look at what sites people are referred by, what they search into Google and other search engines to find you, and what other channels are driving traffic (email, social media, etc.). We’ll also assess how present your brand is in the digital landscape and determine if you’re dominating specific channels such as whether or not you’re listed at the top of Google search Maps for your target keywords. 

Email Marketing


Email marketing in the form of a recurring e-newsletter or one-off blasts with announcements / short-term promotions are a great way to keep leads and customers engaged long after they sign up. This form of direct marketing is more top of mind and time-sensitive than the automated communications we’ve been talking about at previous stages. Our goal with this content is to create high quality content and headlines that will delight and engage users over time.

E-newsletters for example, will include current news about the company, recent successes, interesting articles, and a look ahead and what you’re planning in coming months. E-blasts on the other hand are more geared toward promotion of new product or service offerings, a specific event you might be attending, or more concise and digestible content that is meant to call the recipient to action right away. 

Now that we’ve tackled lead generation and nurturing, it’s time to move up to the top of the funnel with brand awareness and engagement

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