brand awareness and engagement

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Awareness and engagement are the tip-top of the sales and marketing funnel. Users at this stage have never interacted with your company before, but are in need of your solutions. With every other aspect of lead generation and sales acquisition optimized, awareness campaigns will be amplified and revenue far more scalable. 


Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which you identify specific keywords or phrases that your target audience is searching and begin crafting content, building links, and improving searchability on-and-off site. SEO has become a much more complicated process over the years as search engines like Google update their algorithms. However, with growing complexities, many tools and researchers have grown more skilled at identifying ranking factors, leading to industry-agnostic best practices that Fungi is able to apply. Our SEO strategy includes monitoring a series of different variables for your site as well as your top search competitor websites. Insights gleaned from this data allows us to create targeted content, design, and link-building strategies for gaining top placement in Google within months instead of years. 

search engine optimization
search engine advertising

Search Engine Advertising


Search engine advertising (sometimes known as search engine marketing or pay per click advertising) is the process of identifying specific keywords or phrases and bidding for top placement in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Using platforms like Google Ads, our team can get your site ranked in the top 3 search results ads within days of launch (versus months spent with SEO). We can also extend ads for local companies with different location-based elements such as their location, phone number, and maps listings (as seen in the provided image). This method can also help us glean insights into what search terms, ad headlines, and callouts are most effective at driving sales qualified leads, leading to adjustments to target keywords and content for SEO. 

Social Media Management


Management of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter involves creating engaging posts and responding to engaged users on social media. Often times when a prospect is researching your company, they will visit these platforms to find reviews and see what your company has been up to lately. Often times we find that companies are lax in their social media posting and are in need of a long-term communication plan for disseminating bite-sized content / images / videos through their online media channels. Growing these online communities and becoming more active with followers is a great long-term strategy for inbound leads at a lower cost. 

social media management
social media advertising

Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising allows you to promote a specific offering to a highly targeted audience via platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Fungi specializes in delivering animated or other video display ads, which produce much higher engagement and click activity due to more interactive media.

From a targeting perspective, we are able to build custom audiences that match specific demographic and behavioral characteristics (like those found in your ideal buyer profile) as well as remarket to users who have submitted their email to you or visited your website over the last 30-90 days. For these reasons, social media advertising is one of our most sought after and effective channels for driving new leads into the marketing funnel.