Using Queries to Fine-tune Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Queries and Marketing Automation Strategy
Your website and newsletter will see quite a bit of customer data often quietly stashed into databases. Most of this is actionable data – information that you can use to either nurture existing customers or to acquire new leads.

Slaving through the information manually is the caveman’s way of doing things, but you can get that done faster and more reliably using the power of queries to hone your marketing automation strategy. Let’s see how queries work their magic:

Contact Lists vs. Queries

Several small businesses, sometimes even medium to large-size companies utilize spreadsheets or CSV files to keep a record of their customers. Contact lists are manually-differentiated. So when it’s time to pick out information, someone will have to go through the list manually.

On the other hand, queries are as good as asking a computer a question and having it send out a list of desirables from the list. Irrespective of the size of the list, you can expect the query to do a better and faster job at sorting information.

Build and Target Buyer Persona(s)
Queries and Buyer Persona in Marketing Automation Strategy
Lighting-fast query information sorting can be put to good use when developing and targeting a buyer persona. Let’s consider a newsletter. Your average contact list will, without discrimination, send out the newsletter to every subscriber.

A query is more intelligent and discriminating. A newsletter or product-specific email filtered by queries could better engage users by utilizing their interests, thus allowing you to create and target different buyer personas.
For example, a company that sells T-shirts could send out emails with different themes to different people. It can have a theme on strength and athleticism sent to sports fans, and another email with a theme on knowledge power and trivia sent to science geeks. The same line targeting different groups – with a thought on what interests them more.

A Nod to Re-engagement and Marketing Automation Strategy

Queries working with marketing automation make re-engagement easier, which results in conversion rates that go as high as 50%. In the same vein, 78% of marketers say that marketing automation and queries are primary drivers of improved revenue contribution. Some commonly used strategies are:

  • Reminder emails for shopping cart abandonment
  • Reminders for users who have not logged in for a specific time-period
  • Query based triggers like birthday greetings and anniversaries
  • Content marketing and newsletter triggers

It’s not simply about using queries – using them the right way is what places your marketing automation strategy on the top of the list. Gleanster Benchmark Report says 79% of top performers have been using marketing automation. Now would be a good time to strategize marketing automation to enhance your business’ growth. Get in touch with us to know how.