Order “Thank You”

Why An Order “Thank You” May Be More Valuable Than You Think


After what seems like an eternity of waiting, your lead generation strategy is finally reaping returns. A potential customer has visited your site and completed a desired conversion. For whatever reason – may it be a purchase, a white paper downloaded, or a survey answered – a customer deserves a “Thank You!” from you. Not only is it the polite thing to do, but it is also a way for marketers to have a form of continuous engagement with a converted user.

A “Thank You” email is an effective way to carry out your marketing master plan. Here’s why:

It’s more than just a receipt

Thank you email from Zalora

A “Thank You” email confirming successful transaction from Zalora Philippines offering a 10% discount on next order

Thank you emails contain information that confirms a customer’s transaction. Beyond that, it can also serve as a way to humanize and enhance your customer’s brand experience. People want to be recognized and appreciated. Thank you emails do just that. They are personalized and on-point, facilitating retention.

Subtle yet effective

Unlike direct promotional emails, thank you notes are not in-your-face advertising offers. Aside from letting customers know how invaluable their business is to you, you can simultaneously lure them to other offers by incorporating a recommendation engine that shows items or merchandise typically bought together. You can structure your email in a way that includes attractive banner ads and catchy headlines to ‘Related links’ that lead to other offers, hoping that they will click and perform another desired action.

recommendations engine

An example of a recommendations engine by Amazon

Triggered ‘thanks’ are engaging

Order “Thank You” emails are a marketer’s golden opportunity to tap into existing customers using a triggered email that, more or less, achieves a 152% open rate, as compared to traditional emails. Keyword checkers also show that having the word ‘thank’ in the subject line generates an open rate of 52.57% and a click rate of 27.44%.

Having someone perform a series of actions or spend their hard-earned money for you is valuable which is why you should take advantage of the opportunity and convert the lead to full-fledged and hopefully, loyal advocates.

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