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Much like product review emails, company ratings can have a huge impact on conversion rates and buyer confidence. Reviews can also effect where your business ranks against similar companies in your industry or geographical area (ex: Trip Advisor) and better rankings mean more visibility. More visibility ultimately leads to more traffic to your site and most likely more customers. So what is the best method of getting reviews on your business at little or no cost? Below are some best practices to follow:


Triggering Courtesy Calls:

  • If you are using automated programs already to reach out to customers during their pre and post-purchase process, setting up an internal notification to customer service should be one of your steps.
  • Before you send your review request email, assign an internal ticket (sometimes referred to as a lead route) to your customer service reps and have them conduct a courtesy call to find out how your customer’s experience was.
  • If the customer’s experience was bad, you have a chance to redeem yourself prior to requesting a review (or remove the customer from the review list).
  • If the customer’s experience was indifferent, a courtesy call might be just the thing to show them how much your company cares about customer satisfaction and may or may not result in a review.
  • If the customer’s experience was good, you’ve just increased the chances of a review exponentially.


Follow Up With Your Ask:

  • Often times the moment you call is not the most convenient time for a customer to fill out an online review. Follow up your call with an email request within 24 hours to improve the likelihood of them reviewing you.
  • Use subject lines like: “How Are We Doing?” or “Do You Have 2 Minutes To Review Us On Google?” to improve your chances of getting opens.
  • To improve click thrus, provide direct links to the review page on Facebook, Google + or other review sites so that there is as little extra effort required as possible on the customer’s part.


The Final Request:

  • Sometimes even a phone call and an email aren’t enough to entice customers to review your company. In those cases, make sure that your automation program is set up to trigger a review reminder email if the first email was opened but not clicked.
  • We recommend you wait roughly a week in between emails so as not to bombard your customer’s inbox.
  • You might also consider offering a promotion such as a small discount or a chance to win swag if they review the company.


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