Silverpop Marketing AutomationCompany Overview:

Silverpop (An IBM® Company) is an online tool used for email marketing and lead management solutions. It is cloud-based and offers a variety of quality marketing automation, triggered and one-off services. Because of their strategic partnership with IBM®, they are able to provide many additional features not currently available for other email marketing or marketing automation platforms. Below are several of Silverpop’s features as well as what types of organizations it would be a good fit for.



  • Create databases, contact lists and relational tables
  • Unlimited field creation including most standard field types (name, date, number, dropdowns, checkbox, simple text, etc).
  • Querying capabilities for segmenting like users into special groups
  • Test lists and seed lists
  • Automated data uploads and downloads via FTP or API for sending updated information on current or new contacts.
  • Build and embed signup forms or construct entire landing pages
  • Responsive framework rendering across most major email clients (limited)
  • Auto-tagging for web analytics
  • Web tracking script to follow users’ behaviors before and after they have been added to your database (this one is pretty powerful)
  • HTML and simple text email versions
  • Ability to upload pre-designed HTML templates.
  • WISIWIG editor as well as html/code editor for templates.
  • Personalization and dynamic content
  • A/B testing capabilities for subject lines, send from name and email and email design/content. Choose winner based on test group open rate, click thru rate or combination.
  • Send test emails to yourself or a group of people within your organization
  • Schedule sends for a future date or send them immediately
  • Send time optimization
  • Programs for marketing automation and triggered email sends
  • Lead routing to trigger a message to your internal team once a customer in the database meets certain criteria. Ex: trigger an email with a list of customers who purchased recently and include their phone numbers so customer service can call them and follow up prior to sending a review email.
  • Standard reporting features including opens, click thrus, unsubscribes, suppressed, etc.
  • Advanced click tracking (view your mailing and see where people clicked and what percentage
  • Multiple mailing and mailing comparison reports
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM
  • Deliverability analysis (see if your emails might look too spammy based on certain words, image to text ratios, etc).


Well Suited For:

  • Mid-size or larger companies with in-house design/development resources (editors and renderings not as easy to use as drag and drop software like ExactTarget or MailChimp)
  • Ecommerce companies looking to automate a variety of different mailings (abandoned carts, customer service triggers, follow ups)
  • Companies looking to nurture leads and grow existing customer base including utilizing mailing features that integrate with their existing CRM (ex: Salesforce)
  • Agencies that offer email marketing as a service. Silverpop includes base level and much more in depth training and certification programs for resellers.


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