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Visit their website after reviewing the case study: www.islebox.com

About the client: Isle Box is a subscription-based service that curates hard-to-find outdoor gear for campers, hikers, bikers and other wilderness adventurers. Founded in Michigan in 2014, Isle Box seeks to educate and encourage outdoorsmen to adopt a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy when it comes to spending time in mother nature.



The Goal: Increase overall box subscriptions 500% by June, 2016 starting in January.

The Challenge: After their initial launch in 2014, Isle Box was experiencing a high churn and slower than anticipated sales for their monthly and quarterly box subscriptions. Thanks to the creation of a shareable roadmap for the U.S. National Parks by the Isle Box’s team in the fall of 2015, the company was getting a ton of traffic from organizations who had picked up the press including the Wilderness Society, Outside magazine and National Geographic. The surge in traffic was great, but there was no initial sales focus so most people just visited the map page and left.

The Solution: With hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to the site, there were ample opportunities to engage users with Isle Box’s marketing message. Fungi came up with a few simple, but effective solutions to maximize traffic:

Data Capture And Automation: First was the development of a pop-up offer that would entice as many qualified customers as possible to submit their email for a chance to win a free box. Once a person’s email is submitted, they are opted into a 5-part email series that introduces them to Isle Box’s various product offerings, customer reviews and promotions to get discounts on boxes. In addition to the automated emails, Fungi would routinely send out exclusive holiday or other promotional eblasts to the entire list.


Remarketing: Using IsleBox’s Google Analytics as well as Facebook tracking, Fungi was also able to build lists of non-converting site traffic to retarget for any future promotions. The list created has the potential to follow users around for up to 180 days, though most of the campaigns run to date have been limited to 90 days exposure.





Exit Intent Countdown Promotion: With both the newsletter signup and remarketing working to capture contact information and bring people back to the site, Fungi shifted the focus to the ‘Order Now’ and subsequent checkout pages. If a person goes to this page and then moves their cursor off the screen, they receive a pop-up promotion with a countdown clock (seen at right). By creating this feature alone, the client saw a nearly 20% lift in sales.




The Results: Each of the solutions was implemented in Q1, 2016, showing a steady incline in sales as a direct result of implementation of the new programs. However sales were still not increasing to the level that Isle Box had wanted.

During the month of March Fungi strategized with the Isle Box team to develop a low-cost, high-margin, monthly box that new customers could “test” at half the normal price. This single promotion was sent out to the company’s roughly 4,000 newsletter subscribers (only non-customers) and resulted in more than double the box subscriptions of previous months. As with any promotion like this, the following month saw a decrease in subscribers for those customers who just wanted to try out the monthly box. However, now only half-way through the month of June sales have surpassed previous months and continue to rise.