Master Your Google Analytics

Monday, April 16th, 2018 – 12PM

This lunch and learn course on Google Analytics is designed for both beginner and intermediate analytics users. We will spend a short period of time in the beginning of the class walking through how to setup analytics for your website and create goals that help you measure how effective your website is at generating leads, engaging users, and selling products.

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Course Details

First 15 Minutes

  • How to create a Google Analytics account
  • How to install Google Analytics on your website
  • How to test to make sure analytics is working

Next 30 Minutes

  • How to set up goals to measure your success
  • Top 10 areas of Google Analytics you should be looking at
  • Sample of Fungi Client Dashboards

Last 15 Minutes

  • Q & A Session
  • Assistance with setting up analytics
  • Additional requests
  • Wrap up lunch!

Bonus Hour

For those who are able to stay, we will be providing 1 on 1 consulting.

NOTE: If you’re unable to stay, don’t worry! We’ll schedule a 30-minute session with you to meet us at our offices and go through any requests you might have.