How Often Should I Send Out Newsletters?

What’s the Ideal Email Newsletter Frequency?

Photo Credits: 360 Degree Marketing

Photo Credits: 360 Degree Marketing

They say an email newsletter is the future of online media. It is a robust and reliable marketing mechanism to generate leads; it keeps customers engaged and provides a window of opportunity to get prospective customers to eventually do business with you.

Not everyone though is thrilled to receive this type of message. It’s not because recipients are souring on email marketing in general, but it’s because they are becoming more savvy and mature digital followers. Consumers are now quick to judge companies when their email campaigns don’t live up to standards so expect to receive moans and groans along the way. However, that shouldn’t stop you from running it.

For consumers to continue to like you, you should employ strategic and ethical practices to refine and boost your subscription results. A BlueHornet survey revealed that more than a third of consumers cite frequency as the main reason they unsubscribe from a company’s email newsletter. Knowing this is critical since it can make your prospects fall in love or fall out of love with you.

So what newsletter frequency could translate to high customer yield?


Sending excessive emails may drive your customers to their breaking points. Data from Exact Target’s study showed that 54% of people unsubscribe because emails came too frequently. Email platform MailChimp found out that frequency and engagement are negatively correlated; the more frequently they send emails, the lower the individual campaign click-through rate they got. Remember, familiarity breeds contempt; no matter how compelling and relatable your content might be, clients might get burnt out if you’re always in their faces. The last thing you want is to be tagged as a spammer or receive an ‘Unsubscribe’ request.

Exact Target’s Email Unsubscribe Reasons

Email Unsubscribe Reasons; Source: Exact Target


The pitfall of sending emails too infrequently is that tendency to be forgettable. Remember, people are social animals. They need constant attention and a little TLC. Take advantage of this innate vulnerability and nurture your relationship with your prospects to win them over, otherwise, they might lose interest or worse, they might forget who you are. This is where “Absence makes the heart go fonder” would prove to be a total bust.

The Verdict

As with anything else marketing-related, your success still depends on your demographics’ needs and wants. Since market conditions vary from time to time, you need to adjust and tailor-fit your strategy, which should explain why it is crucial to test the waters before you make that big dive. Always do a quick communications audit before fully implementing your campaign. Try to find the right balance by doing results analysis on a periodic basis. This will allow you to determine the right cadence for running short and long-term campaigns.

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