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How To Bring Back Over 20% Of Visitors And Turn Them Into Leads

About Special Vehicles Company


For over 50 years, SPEVCO has been one of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of specialty vehicles. When other manufacturers have refused to tackle a program, they make it happen. Their people focus on quality, craftsmanship, and serving their clients in a way that creates decades-long relationships. It’s their our blood to deliver world-class products and services, without excuses.

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The Challenge

When we first started working with Spevco it was clear that their primary concern was not in generating awareness or visits to their website, but rather converting more of the existing traffic into leads for the sales team to follow up.

The Solution

With several thousand people already coming to the Spevco website on a monthly basis, we needed to create ways to capture their contact information from their first visit, or if they weren’t ready, to remarket to visitors with engaging banners while they were on other sites like Facebook, Youtube, CNN and more.

specialized vehicle example
specialized vehicle example

How we got the people back

To get people back to the website and then get them to fill out their information, we had to first give them a reason to come back! In addition to promotions to schedule a free visit to the facility, we also created a well-researched guide to experiential marketing. This document killed two birds with one stone. First it helped educate potential customers on what a full-service mobile marketing tour really takes to design, build, operate and maintain; which helped us cut down on time the sales team might normally spend educating prospects. Secondly, it provided a valuable tool that the prospect was willing to submit their information for (first, last, email, phone number, etc.).

Once the materials and incentives were created, we set up our campaign parameters to target anyone who had come to the website in the last 90 days, but had not filled out a contact form. Using Facebook’s remarketing program and Google Adwords Retargeting, we were able to reach thousands of people with hundreds of thousands of display advertising views. The best part? Spevco was only charged when someone clicked on an ad and the average cost was less than $.40/click. As a result, nearly 25% of total traffic came back as a result of these ads resulting in roughly 30% increase in total leads.

specialized vehicle example

How We Used Email To Nurture Prospects To Sales Qualified Leads:

When new leads sign up for the best practices guide, they are also automatically opted into a 5-part email series designed specifically to nurture them into a sales qualified lead. Email 1 comes from the company:

  • Email 1: Thanks for downloading!

After that, the user is assigned to a sales rep and more informational emails are sent to help them become more familiar with Spevco’s experience and expertise:

  • Email 2: Hi %first name%, I’m %sales representative% (Ex: Hi Jimmy, I’m Steve Sampleton)
  • Email 3: Have you seen the Dallas Cowboys’ mobile marketing exhibit?
  • Email 4: [Case Study] Check out This Mobile House

Finally, after several warm-ups have been sent, a final email is sent from the rep, asking them to get in touch:

  • Email 5: Turn Your Dream into a Reality | Book a Free Tour Today

The Results

Thanks to the combination of remarketing and marketing automation, we brought back nearly 25% of visitors and approximately 3-5 new sales qualified leads per month!