National Classic Car Parts Multi-Channel solution

How To Increase Sales by 7 Times In 1.5 Years Using A Multi-Channel Approach

The Challenge

In 2014, the customer’s primary source of sales was through printed catalogs and phone orders. Sales were dwindling as a result of more users shopping online. In order to produce higher numbers, the client re-allocated a large sum of their old catalog investment to our team for management and online advertising spend. We were tasked with producing significant growth in online sales otherwise the company would likely close its doors.

The Solution

With a new budget for marketing automation, email, remarketing, paid search advertising, SEO and conversion optimization, our team created an annual communication strategy with details down to weekly as well as monthly initiatives. Throughout the course of the first 18 months, we restructured their customer database, setup a variety of triggered communications both internally to sales/customer service and externally to their customers focusing on growing sales and building their community.

The Results

As seen in the charts to the right, from January 2014 until July 2015, conversions increased by over 1,000 completions, traffic to the website nearly tripled, Facebook followers went from less than 500 to over 15,000 and sales increased by over $80,000/month. By shifting their old sales and marketing strategy to these new programs, this customer received a 7x increase in their bottom line.