Lisha Construction Dominates Commercial Construction

How to go from 0 to over 60 leads and hundreds of thousands in sales in only 3 months.

The Challenge

After working with several other marketing agencies, Jeff Zenger from Lisha Construction was ready to throw in the towel and just stick to straight old-school sales outreach. Seeing the huge potential in home improvement (most contractors are historically way behind the times and terrible at marketing themselves), we convinced Jeff to do a hybrid small advertising budget and pay for performance commission model on all sales we refer.

The Solution

Fungi created a locally focused (Triad, NC) advertising campaign, targeting primarily commercial builder-related searches (ex: strip mall contractor greensboro) to attract the highest qualified buyers.

The Results

With a very limited budget, we generated roughly 20 total leads per month (5 of which were qualified) and produced deals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!


“Fungi Marketing is amazing. They don’t just drive traffic to your site but good quality traffic. Others got me web traffic but high web traffic doesn’t mean sales. Fungi was able to target traffic so that we were getting traffic that wanted to do business. I have used them on several businesses.”