Isle Box Case Study

Leveraging Parks Map Digital PR Success to Turn Negative Sales Trends into 500% Growth Over 6 Months

The Challenge

Increase overall box subscriptions 500% by June, 2016 starting in January. After their initial launch in 2014, Isle Box was experiencing a high churn and lower-than-anticipated sales for their monthly and quarterly box subscriptions. There was a surge in traffic after they’d created a shareable roadmap for US National Parks, but a lack of initial sales focus meant this traffic was not converting into sales.

The Solution

Developed data capture and automation points in the form of:

  • A pop-up that would offer a chance to win a free box when an email is submitted.
  • 5-part email series that introduces entrants to Isle Box’s products, customer reviews and promotions.
  • Exclusive holiday or promotional eblasts.


Took advantage of our remarketing tools to:

  • Build lists of non-converting site traffic.
  • Retarget this traffic for future promotions.
  • Follow up with users for up to 90 days.


Shifted the website focus to the “Order Now” and checkout pages:

  • Visitors on these pages see a pop-up promotion every time their cursor moves off the screen.
  • This feature alone saw a 20% increase in sales.
specialized vehicle example

The Results

After each solution was implemented in Q1, 2016, Isle Box saw a steady increase in sales, though not as quickly or high as desired by the client. In March, Fungi Marketing developed a new strategy with Isle Box; the new strategy was low-cost with a high-margin, monthly box that new customers could “test” at half the normal price. This single promotion resulted in more than double the box subscriptions and decreased the following month. Currently, mid-way through June, subscriptions are still on the rise.