Triggered Product Reviews

How to Drive Engagement With Triggered Product Review Email Campaigns

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Product reviews are one of the most effective turnkey solutions that drive sales for eCommerce companies. A lot of data attests to the power of word-of-mouth or user-generated content in influencing purchasing decisions. Regardless if they are positive or negative, product reviews work favorably for sites because they reflect trustworthiness and authenticity. Customers realize that in the real world, you can’t please everybody. When they see a mix of good and bad feedback on the site, prospects recognize that the insights they read are from real-world buyers. Because they do not sound like sales pitches, these reviews help consumers overcome the skepticism they feel about trying out new products.

However, product review campaigns are challenging to implement because most companies do not spend resources on follow-ups. The most efficient way to generate the most returns is to integrate product reviews with triggered email messages.

Q2 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks by Epsilon says that triggered emails have higher open (70.5%) and click-through (152%) rates than Business-As-Usual emails. Take advantage of the measurable impact a product review has on purchase activity by creating triggered campaigns with these elements:

Optimize Email Subject Lines
According to Expedia, including the word “review” or “rate” in their email subject lines allowed them to generate a read rate that was 10.5% higher than similar campaigns. Give buyers the power to present their impression by having subject lines such as “Did our item live up to your expectations? Your review matters”, or “Don’t keep it to yourself, rate your recent purchase”.

Feed Altruistic Tendencies
People are drawn towards campaigns that are about themselves. Make them an integral part of the brand’s evolution by having call-to-actions in the body of the message in the likes of “Help other moms choose the best for their babies, write a product review” or “Make a difference, help us become better by rating our service”.

Send Timely Emails
Timing is key to everything. The trick is to give the customer adequate time to use the product before sending a follow-up email. Give them an opportunity to know the products so they can form an unbiased opinion about the brand. An excellent approach is to wait for about three weeks, then trigger an email requesting a product review from the customer.

Provide Incentives

One motivational tactic that works is incentives. Companies can send emails that include free shipping privileges, a discount coupon or a chance to win something for product reviews. Not only will you get a quick response but such gesture will also make prospects want more emails coming their way.

Create a direct impact and increase your customer purchasing activity through these triggered email product review tactics. Not only will you gain buyers, but you’ll keep a set of loyal and engaged customers that are happy to give their unbiased opinion about your service.

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