ZAQ Wholesale and End Consumer Automation

Over 10 different marketing automation nurtures produces huge results for e-commerce

About Zaq

ZAQ aromatherapy diffusers has been a customer of Fungi for several years, starting originally as a wholesale/distribution-only company. In 2016, we convinced ZAQ to sell direct online and the result has contributed hundreds of thousands in revenue.

specialized vehicle example
specialized vehicle example

The Challenge

The challenge for us was to help ZAQ build a better mousetrap so to speak. With an already active digital advertising and overall brand awareness campaign in place, automated communications would allow us to maximize sales from newsletter signups, wholesale customers, and already active customers.

The Solution

Toward the beginning of 2017, Fungi began work on a combination of emails to reach out to each target group as well as a site-wide exit intent pop-up (see right) incentive so we could capture each user’s information. These communications included: 

  1. 12-part newsletter welcome series 
  2. 6-part wholesale sign-up series
  3. Abandoned cart 3-part series
  4. Long-term customer follow up series at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after their purchase
  5. Review request emails and more! 
specialized vehicle example
specialized vehicle example

The Results

With a total of over 30 different pre-built communications, the automated campaigns continue to produce more and more sales for the client each month (see graph below). Because this automated nurture is in place, any additional funds put toward advertising or other inbound channels already convert more customers, resulting in a significant ROI for the client.