Website Optimization & Design

Your website is the hub of all digital sales and marketing initiatives. Without an optimized website, your company will struggle to generate leads or acquire new customers online. Fungi prioritizes the optimization of design, speed, architecture, and content over any other channel to help ensure a more intuitive user experience and flow of leads.

Components of web design and optimization include conducting a preliminary SWOT analysis of your site, installing Google Analytics with conversion tracking to assess the performance of leads through your current marketing channels, and then providing recommendations for improved user experience, website architecture, content optimization for search, load times, and general website look and feel. 

website design and optimization

How We Design And Optimize Websites

website design

Website Redesign or New Build

During our introductory review of your sales process, marketing environment, challenges, and goals, we dive deeper into how the website is performing as well as your desired state with a SWOT analysis. Often times our clients already know their site is performing poorly based on look / feel, lack of leads, or because it has been several years since it was last updated. In some cases, we work with clients to build a brand new website, typically because the old site is either a poor excuse for an online business card, or no site was there to begin with. Either way our goal is to provide you with something that is intuitive, easy to update/access, runs fast, and of course generates new business.

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user experience design

User Experience Design / UX Design

Our UX design process starts with installing or updating website analytics tools like user heat-mapping, screen recording, and advanced Google Analytics (with goal tracking for forms, calls, or transactions). This helps us assess how users get to the site and what they do when they get there. Often times we can pick up on some obvious trends and outliers in the way people move through the site just based on a quick review of the data. After a more thorough analysis and review with your team, we’ll proceed with architecting and designing in new changes to help your ideal buyers find what they’re looking for and buy with ease. 

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landing page design

Landing Page Design

If you’re running a specific promotion or other campaign to drive users to your website, it is important that the page you take them to provides them with helpful information and an opportunity to get in touch right away. Landing page designs that are simpler and have minimal calls to action helps eliminate distractions and get qualified prospects into the funnel right away. These pages are usually hidden from your main navigation and dedicated to a very specific or timely incentive.

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on-site search engine optimization

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

There are two ways to optimize your website for search results; on-site with keyword-rich content / links and meta data, and off-site directory or other link building. On-site search engine optimization requires a detailed strategy for how you structure your website pages, dedicating a primary and secondary keyword to one specific page, and then incorporating those terms in both front-facing content / links as well as behind the scenes tagging of images and page meta information. 

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load time optimization

Load Time Optimization

Have you ever visited a website on your phone or computer and gotten frustrated with how long it was taking for information to populate? On average, 40% of users will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, which means if your images, content, and hosting aren’t optimized, you could be losing out on a ton of business. Our high-speed secure hosting and asset compression solutions help optimize load times on your website to less than 2 seconds, resulting in better user experience and improved performance overall. 

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