Geotargeted Display Advertising

The Best Brand Awareness Program at a Fraction of the Cost

What Are Geotargeted Display Ads? 

Display ads are like online billboards. You and millions like you see them every day while you browse the web. They show up on thousands of sites like the New York Times and YouTube while people scroll around on their phones and computers.

While only a fraction of users click on these ads, they still drive a ton of business due to the huge volume of views the advertiser is able to provide. 

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How Do Geotargeted Display Ads Work? 

Using our custom ad platform, business owners are seeing millions of views per month in their local geography; resulting in thousands of website visits and tons of new customers. The brand awareness alone allows you to dominate your local market. 

What Does Fungi Do For You? 

Our process is super simple: 

  1. We design amazing display ads for your business that entice customers
  2. We determine your target geography and serve ads only to people in that area
  3. The ads are sent out to thousands of websites your local audience visits
  4. Every 30-90 days we design new promotional ads to keep things fresh
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