One Week Web

$100.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

General Information (more details below)

  1. Custom design, built for your ideal customer profile
  2. Mobile-Optimized Design that looks great on all devices
  3. Fungi Usability Framework makes it super easy for you to make updates
  4. Expert Copywriter to create your first 20 pages of content
  5. Super Fast, Fully Secured (SSL) Hosting with daily backups of your website



Specific Deliverables:

  • Built on WordPress platform
  • Client completion of website content form required
  • Fungi will design and develop 10 preliminary pages
  • Additional pages (above 10) require custom scope of work

Responsive Website Designs

Mobile website visits over the last few years have more than doubled, with anywhere from 30-80% of all website traffic now coming from a smart phone or tablet device (even for more B2B / service based organizations). Every single Fungi Marketing website is designed responsively, meaning the look and feel changes based on the device it is being loaded from to optimize for the end user’s experience.


Fungi Usability Framework

Creating the ultimate user experience for your customers is key to success, which is why Fungi’s designs have been thoroughly tested and refined over the last decade. The FUF is the perfect fit for both front end website visitors (your customers and leads) as well as back end users (allows your team to easily make changes).


High Speed, Secure Hosting & Backups

  • Optimized websites load in 2 seconds or less
  • Secured with SSL
  • Daily backups in case something breaks
  • Protected from malware and hackers