Every modern business uses some form of printed materials to brand and promote their company. For retail and other consumer-focused organizations these print and packaging needs can make for a complex print supply chain process. That’s where PrintElements‘ solutions can help.


Picture This…

Imagine for a moment that you are a national e-commerce company with several local distribution centers to fulfill your products. The supply chain process requires housing product inventory, boxes to ship, marketing inserts, labels on products, welcome kits, and more. Each of these elements must be designed, prototyped, sourced from different vendors, and fulfilled; all in accordance with consumer demand.

A Simplified Print Supply Chain Process

PrintElement’s technology platform and team of print specialists take all that stress off your plate. Their team has a network of hundreds of print vendors, which means you’re going to get higher quality at the best rate. Their specialists help plan and prototype printed materials, coordinate logistics of delivery, and their platform allows you to easily re-order or request new collateral in a few clicks.

The New Website

Fungi has been working with the PrintElements team since Spring of 2019 on a more comprehensive go to market strategy, including their recently launched website: www.printelements.com and other digital marketing channels. The new site focuses more on their core offerings and solving challenges for their target audience. The messaging is more streamlined / simplified, which is a more accurate representation of the print and packaging solutions they provide. The new site has already generated some new leads and subsequent customers. We are excited to see continued growth and success with the PrintElements team in 2020.