ABR Acupunctureacupuncture website design greensboro is Greensboro’s #1 acupuncturist specializing in functional dry needling treatments for musculoskeletal pain, migraine headaches, stress, and anxiety to patients throughout greater Greensboro. Founded by Robert Balkind, ABR is a part of the Greensboro Sports Performance parent company, a holistic wellness center providing a variety of treatment, recovery, and performance-related solutions.

Fungi began the ABR redesign around the same time as our work on Healing Hands Chiropractic and GSO Cryo’s rebranding initiatives. The goal for the site was to create a clean, informational new look and feel as well as provide Rob’s potential clients with an easy way to schedule appointments. Our solution also included Google Ad campaigns for locals who were searching acupuncture-related terms. Within days of launching the campaigns, the ABR site was listed as the top search results and leads began pouring in. As of this posting, ABR appointments for new clients had been booked out several weeks and we’ve had to taper back on marketing promotion due to the significant uptick in new patients.

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