Product-Specific Promotion

Using Product-Specific Email to Generate Buzz and Sales

Product-Specific Email - Email marketing ROI

Email Marketing ROI/ Image: Econsultancy

Emails are considered one of the best digital channels for promotion, and they have repeatedly proven themselves with a ROI that brings a smile to any marketer’s face. Product-specific email can help in creating a buzz around your product and quite effectively translate that buzz into sales. The kicker here is playing your cards right; let’s take a look at what makes a good email promotion.

Start Early and Strategize

You don’t have to wait for the actual product launch for the sake of getting promotional efforts in motion. Start early – even if you start with just friends and family. Feed information, tidbits and teasers to your audience and use the information you collect to create a buyer persona. The persona will enable your product-specific email to be more targeted for the prospectives, rather than using the old one-size-fits-all approach.

Have a Beautiful Design

Looks matter, a lot. Spend time in designing an email that looks great and accentuates the appearance of your product. A well-designed email will catch the attention of the reader. The actual decision of making a purchase can take a short time – even milliseconds [pdf]. You want the undivided attention of the consumers, and their interest.

Make it About the Product
Product-Specific Email - Reach out to audience
A common mistake is using email subjects that don’t focus on the product. Rather than focusing on the discount in your email subject, focus on the product. Your consumer is in it for the product, the discount/offer is just a delicious side dish. Offer it, but keep the focus on the main course.

A Product-Specific Email is not a Newsletter

A newsletter can (and should) have information about the product, but don’t use it to jam advertisement down the subscriber’s mailbox. Leverage subscribers for product promotion, but letting promotion hijack the newsletter will just earn unsubscribes and spam reports. A better strategy would be to bundle the promotion in a separate email.

Offer “Subscriber only” Discounts and Events

Show some love to the subscribers, and have them love you back. Newsletter subscribers who are receiving the promotion email should receive some incentive in the form of discounts, and perhaps even an exclusive sneak peek at the product before its official launch. Make them feel loved and a part of the product development, for they really are special and valuable.

Give your newsletter and promotional emails the edge they deserve. Get to know more about newsletters, or contact us for that professional touch to your newsletters.