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Telling a compelling story within the consumer electronic space can sometimes be difficult, especially when you’re vying for attention in the travel industry. Ceptics is a top global providers of travel adapters and voltage converters, with top of the line travel products at very affordable prices. As a result of their high sales volume as well as the unique nature of international travel, they get a TON of frequently asked questions. Our work with their team consisted of first identifying the top-asked questions from their customers as well as how we could best feature their products in an informational setting. The end result was a series of 8 videos covering everything from voltage conversion calculations, to whether or not you can take your CPAP overseas. Check out the videos we created below and let us know your thoughts! 

Which Travel Adapter Should I Use? 

Do I Need A Travel Adapter Or Voltage Converter?

How To Tell If Your Device Supports Other Voltages

Grounded VS Ungrounded Plugs

Will My Appliances Work In Europe? 

How To Use A CPAP When Traveling Abroad

CT Series Travel Adapter From Ceptics

CTU Series Travel Adapters From Ceptics

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