Spartan Solar & Great Lakes Energy Automation

Using pop-ups to sign up hundreds of solar program applicants ($600 value per sign-up)

specialized vehicle example

The Challenge

As a result of our ongoing relationship with Great Lakes Energy, we were also introduced to a partner of theirs MECA.coop (Michigan Electric Cooperative Association) who had developed a solar panel program for members of Great Lakes Energy amongst 8 other energy coops in michigan. The challenge was to supplement the cost of their recently developed solar farms by allowing energy customers to finance an individual panel in exchange for rebates as well as credits on their energy bills.

The Solution

Fungi brainstormed with MECA and GLE to create an exit-intent popup that could be used on any of the energy COOPs’ websites and opted those who submitted their contact information into a 5-part email series. The series included helpful ideas for being more sustainable as well as promoting the solar program.

specialized vehicle example

The Results

After only 3 months of running the popup the program has had over 200 signups (a value of roughly $120,000) as a direct result of Fungi’s promotion. Costs to develop the pop-up, email series, and remarketing ads/advertising costs all totaled have been less than $5,000, which is a 2,300% ROI. 


View sample emails and popup here: